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Razib Ahmed

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Hi everybody, what's up? My name is Razib Ahmed. I am 20 years old and I am a student of BBA program of East West University. I completed my SSC from Sonarong Pilot High School in 2007. My GPA is 4.13. Then I completed my HSC from Dhaka Commerce College in 2009. My GPA is 4.10. Now I live at Mohakhali in Dhaka. My home District is Munshigonj Thana Tongibari. Our village is PalashPur. It’s Very Small but Very Beautiful. I like my Village so much.

Now I say My Family Background. I have Four Siblings two brothers and two sisters and my position is fourth. My father is used to work in the local business but he is injured please pray for his. My mother has been taking care of household. My elder brother maintains my father’s business and my younger brother study in the Dhaka Commerce College. My elder two sisters have been completed their married and they have two children.

Now I say about my hobbies. I like to play cricket and to watching movies, sports and interesting all things. My favorite food is khichuri, Briani, etc.